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100 words essay on my school

In this essay about my school, I will explain why I like it and what it has taught me. We’ve all gone to school and loved every minute of it because those were the foundations of our lives.

My school is my second home where I spend most of my time. Above all, it gives me a platform to do better in life and also builds my personality. In addition, my school has a lot of assets which makes me feel fortunate to be a part of it.

Paragraph On my School: My School Essay 150 Words

My school is located in a three-story red building. I enjoy wearing my uniform to school every day. My teacher is very nice and teaches us about school discipline. My school is a very nice place away from the city’s crowds and noise.

Two small green gardens near the main entrance of my school have many colorful flower beds, grass lawns, fruit trees, and two lovely showers. My school has a computer lab, two science labs, a large library, a general reading room, a large playground, an excellent stage, and a stable shop.

Nursery classes are available at my school for 12th-grade students. My school has about seven highly qualified teachers, both men, and women, as well as twenty helpers, a principal, and ten gatekeepers. My teachers are very polite and teach us subjects creatively and engagingly.

Paragraph On My School My School Essay 200 Words

The school is a temple of learning that prepares students for professional and social life. My school was founded in 1990 on donated land and with donated funds. My school’s atmosphere is very pleasant, and the environment is very clean and appealing.

My school is right in the middle of the playground. A large garden with small ponds is located on one side of the school. This pond is full of vibrant fish and other aquatic life. My school is a four-story structure with nursery classes for students in the 12th grade.

My school has a large library, a principal’s office, a head office, a clerk’s office, a science laboratory, a computer lab, a common study room, a large lobby, a teacher common room, a large sports field, and separate dormitories for boys and girls. The school grounds.

The teachers at my school are highly qualified and experienced, and they teach us in a very effective and creative manner. My school has about a thousand students who consistently perform well in competitions held both outside and inside the school. We all wear proper uniforms to school. We have two types of uniforms: one for school and one for home.

Paragraph On My School My School Essay 500 Words

My school is very grand, with a three-story impressively structured building in the city center. It’s about 3 kilometers from my house, and I take the bus there. My school is one of the best in the state in which I live. It is in a very peaceful area with no pollution, noise, or dust.

At both ends of the school building, two staircases lead to each floor. On the first floor, there is a large and well-equipped library, a well-equipped science lab, and a computer lab. On the ground floor, there is a school auditorium where all annual works, meetings, PTMs, and dance competitions are held.

The ground floor houses the main office, clerk room, staff room, and general studies room. The ground floor also houses the school canteen, stationery shop, chess room, and skating rink. My school has two large, paved basketball courts in front of the principal’s office, and the football field is on its side.

My school has a small green garden in front of the administration building that is full of colorful flowers and ornamental plants that adorn the entire school grounds. My school has approximately 1500 students enrolled. They consistently place high in inter-school competitions.

My school’s study criteria are very creative and innovative, which allows us to easily understand any difficult subject. Our teachers teach us openly and tell us almost everything.

My school consistently ranks first in inter-school cultural and sports activities. Sports Day, Teacher’s Day, Parents’ Day, Children’s Day, School Anniversary Day, Founder’s Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, Christmas Day, Mother’s Day, Annual Celebrations, Happy New Year, Mahatma Gandhi Birthday, and so on are all grand occasions at my school.

Swimming, scouting, NC, school bands, skating, singing, dancing, and other extracurricular activities are available to us. Students who exhibit inappropriate behavior or engage in undisciplined activities are disciplined by the class teacher following school policies.

Our principals teach every student in the meeting hall for 10 minutes each day about character formation, manners, moral education, achieving good values, and respecting others. Because we do a lot of creative and practical work every day, our school time is very interesting and enjoyable.

Our oral evaluation of storytellers, singing, poetry recitations, and Hindi, and English conversation is done daily by the classroom teacher. As a result, my school is the best in the world.


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