200 words essay on an ideal teacher

200 words essay on an ideal teacher

Teachers play an important role in nation building by developing the character of their students. The best and greatest profession in the world is that of a teacher, because a nation’s future is determined by the type of teachers who shape future generations. Every teacher plays a critical role in shaping students into enlightened citizens. Teachers should remember Swami Vivekananda’s words: “Arise, Awake, and Do Not Stop Until the Goal Is Attained.” The most important member of society is an ideal teacher. He is the true builder of a nation.

He is expected to provide sound advice to the youth. Above all, a teacher must be a man of character, a man of good habits and manners who serves as a role model for his students. His watchwords should be simple living, high thinking, and noble acting. An ideal teacher has a charismatic personality. He is caring, cheerful, and in good health. He surrounds himself with waves of affection and brilliant ideas. He rarely loses his cool. His fragrant personality earns him the respect of his students. An ideal teacher is knowledgeable about everything and everything about something. He is well-versed in general affairs and an expert in his chosen field.


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‘ কা ‘ ৰ প্ৰভাৱ অসমত নপৰে, এতিয়ালৈকে এজনেও আবেদন কৰা নাই অসম বিকাশ যাত্ৰা, হোজাই আৰু ধুবুৰীত মুঠ ৩৯৫ আৰু ৩০৮ কোটি টকা ব্যয় কৰাৰ চৰকাৰৰ পৰিকল্পনা অৰুণাচলত নিৰ্মাণ কৰা হ’ব ফ্ৰণ্টিয়াৰ হাইৱে মালদ্বীপৰ পৰা ভাৰতীয় সৈন্যৰ প্ৰত্যাহাৰ আৰম্ভ অসম বিকাশ যাত্ৰা BJP ৰ নতুন প্ৰকল্পৰ উদ্বোধন, কিমান টকা ব্যয় কৰাৰ পৰিকল্পনা।