300 words essay about myself

300 words essay about myself

I enjoy doing, seeing, and experiencing new things. I also enjoy laughing. I’ve always wanted to be a great writer, like Victor Hugo, the author of “Les Miserables,” or Roman Roland, the author of “John Christopher.” Through their books, they have influenced millions of people. I also wanted to be a great psychologist who could read people’s minds, like William James or Sigmund Freud. Of course, I am still a long way from these people. I am simply someone who does some teaching, research, and writing. But my fantasy lives on. Humans are prone to cynicism, and we frequently bring ourselves down by exaggerating our negative traits. What we need to do is think more about what we have planned and what we are looking forward to.

One can pursue their meritorious abilities, which can range from developing hobbies to polished talents. This, in turn, will increase your motivation to achieve any goals you set for yourself. I like watching the sunrise in the morning and the moonlight at night; I like feeling the music on my face and smelling the sea breeze. Spring flowers, summer rain, autumn leaves, and winter snow are all things I enjoy. I like the peace of the country and the noise of the city; I like Hangzhou’s beautiful west lake and Champaign’s flat cornfield. I like good food and comfortable shoes, and I like to read and watch romantic movies. I enjoy the land, as well as nature and people.

I enjoy going to school every day and value all of my teachers. I’m always on time for school and keep up with my studies. During my free time, I enjoy playing with my friends. Pooja is my best friend, and we play with dolls every day after school. I take part in all extracurricular activities and sporting events at my school and do my best to excel. My school has a large playground where I play a variety of games with my classmates. My school provides a safe and peaceful environment for all of its students.


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