mahatma gandhi 200 words essay

mahatma gandhi 200 words essay

The unthinking adoration of the massive crowds that gathered to see him all along the route of his tours made them a difficult ordeal; he couldn’t work during the day or sleep at night. His fame spread throughout the world during his lifetime and only grew after his death. He was, however, a skilled administrator who knew how to navigate between the capricious princes, their patient subjects, and the headstrong British political officers in power. As a result, he took ahimsa (non-injury to all living beings), vegetarianism, fasting for self-purification, and mutual tolerance among adherents of various creeds and sects for granted.

Mohandas Gandhi was born into a family steeped in Vaishnavism with a strong tinge of Jainism, a morally strict Indian religion whose main tenets are nonviolence and the belief that everything in the universe is eternal.

Mahatma Gandhi, also known as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, was an Indian lawyer, politician, social activist, and writer who rose to prominence as the leader of the nationalist movement in India in the aftermath of British rule. Gandhi is well-known around the world for his nonviolent protest (satyagraha) philosophy for achieving political and social progress.


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