300 words essay about teenage pregnancy

300 words essay about teenage pregnancy

According to the WHO, teen pregnancy, also known as adolescent pregnancy, is pregnancy in a female under the age of 20. The first period usually occurs around the age of 12 or 13 in well-nourished girls. Pregnant teenagers face many of the same issues as pregnant women. Additional concerns exist for those under the age of 15, as they are less likely to be physically developed to sustain a healthy pregnancy or give birth. Risks are associated with socioeconomic factors rather than biological effects of age in girls aged 15 to 19.

Low birth weight, premature labour, anaemia, and pre-eclampsia are linked to biological age, as they are observed in teen births even after controlling for other risk factors like access to prenatal care. Teenage pregnancies are linked to social issues such as low educational attainment and poverty. Teenage pregnancy is common in developed countries and is often associated with a social stigma. Teenage pregnancy is common in developing countries, and half of them are planned. However, in these societies, early pregnancy can cause medical problems when combined with malnutrition and poor health care. When combined, educational interventions and access to birth control can help to reduce unintended teen pregnancy.

In 2015, approximately 47 females out of every 1,000 had children under the age of 20. Africa has higher rates, while Asia has lower rates. Every year in the developing world, approximately 2.5 million females under the age of 16 and 16 million females aged 15 to 19 have children. Another 3.9 million women have had abortions. Pregnancy complications are the leading cause of death among females aged 15 to 19 worldwide.

The age of the mother is determined by the easily verifiable end date of the pregnancy, not by the estimated date of conception. As a result, the statistics exclude pregnancies that began at the age of 19 but ended on or after the woman’s 20th birthday. Similarly, statistics on the mother’s marital status are based on whether she is married at the end of the pregnancy rather than at conception.


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